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The Book


This work, presented in July 2002 as my doctoral thesis at the Technische Universität Berlin, was published (in German) on the 200th anniversary of Immanuel Kant's death (12. 02. 2004).

The doctoral thesis, which took six years of intensive research, was tutored by Professor Dr. Hans Poser (Berlin) and Professor Dr. Walter Jaeschke (Bochum) and awarded the highest mark possible.

Kant's work has a history of scholarship going back 200 years. In my research, I venture into an entirely new area, revealing unexpected foundations of Kantian thought and facilitating a new kind of approach to understanding Kant's entire philosophy.

I am very pleased that Technische Universität Berlin Press decided to select this work for publication under its scheme for outstanding scholarly works at the TU Berlin. The low price will, I hope, help to make this work available to a large audience.

Finally, my thanks go to everyone, whether supporter or sponsor, who have helped this book to appear in print.

Gerhard Schwarz:
Est Deus in nobis. Die Identität von Gott und reiner praktischer Vernunft
in Immanuel Kants "Kritik der praktischen Vernunft".
TU Berlin Press, 2004.
Standard linen binding, spine stitched, 320 pages, € 19,90.
ISBN 3-7983-1924-3
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